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Welcome to Global Company Intelligence

In-depth company intelligence for professionals and academics.Data, analysis, insight and benchmarking tools compiled and developed, for you, by experts in competitive intelligence. Find out more today.

Welcome to Global Company Intelligence – specialists in providing in-depth company information and analysis

Global Company Intelligence offers detailed company reports across a broad range of markets and industries. Our high-level analysis, combined with in-depth financials, SWOT profiles and innovative benchmarking tools, offers unparalleled insight into the business strategies of your competitors and partners on a truly worldwide scale, giving you a competitive advantage in your key markets.

Why outsource your company intelligence?

Our specialist research teams and comprehensive company database provide a cost-effective alternative to conducting your own company profiling in-house. Outsourcing your company intelligence activities can enable you to:

  • Enhance sales
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Improve management of deals and terms
  • Increase ROI on competitive intelligence activities

Why Global Company Intelligence?

Our highly qualified team of researchers, analysts and solution consultants use in-depth primary interviews, proprietary data sources and the latest research techniques to offer an unrivalled level of detail and value to your company profiling activities. Our intelligence can be utilized by teams across all departments, including sales and business development, marketing, R&D, and finance, to:

  • Access the latest information on potential customers and competitors through a comprehensive database
  • Identify which new markets and regions are targets for future expansion
  • Analyze the business strategies, collaborations and licensing agreements of multiple companies within a specific market
  • Compare financial trends between competitor companies using key historical ratios
  • Improve your business modeling by understanding the business structures of similar companies
  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of companies cross-industry

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